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We love creating applications that make you and your little one smile. Every single app we make is carefully hand crafted and tested for best user experience. You just relax and enjoy. Try “Pixelophone” music making app with your toddler. He will love it!

“Happy life need little things..” We love finding out those little things that warm up your heart. And then we use them as an ingredient in our applications. Try “While Waiting” app to relax. It uses soothing sounds and sakura leaves to take away your stress.

Get inspirations from our random generators. Either you are an entrepreneur looking for a company name for your own business, or you are just at a friends party looking for some fun. Try “GenGen” Custom Name Generator. It generates random word combinations with your own words, categories and rules. It is super customizable and creates so much fun and inspiration.

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We are looking for cuteness engineers & designers.

Do you have graphical design skills and want to work on epic cute games?

Lucium offers flexible deadlines, work from home, and your designs reaching thousands. Send us your portfolio.

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