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Kawaii Photo Decoration App with Chibi Dress Up Stickers

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The cutest photo decoration app ever!



Awesome effects for FREE! ❤

We made sure that you have enough tools to make your photo ready for decorating.

Cutify Me is an all in photo decoration app.

Photo filters, textures, masks, bokeh light effects can be applied separately on every single photo and sticker you add to your project.

You can also change the light values, contrast, brightness, saturation, hue(color), opacity(visibility) of every single object separately.

Think how much power this gives you!


Decorate your photos with cute stickers!

More than 1000 cute designer hand-drawn stickers! And with every update we will add more.

Decorate your photos and create meaningful and visually attractive or funny stories with them.
Make invitation cards for your events such as birthday party invitation or new born baby shower invitation, a wedding save the date e-card, or just a tea party or meetup invitation.

Prepare your digital diary pages and print them.

Make your own lovely backgrounds and write inspirational quotes on them.


Share the fun ❤

Share your funny moments or cute creations as email attachments with your friends and family or post them on social networks such as FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM or TWITTER.

Or just save it on your phone and use it as a background. Assign it to your contacts. Use it as an avatar.

Let people see what you made using the powerful tools and Kawaii Japanese and Korean stickers of Cutify Me.

Don’t forget to add a text to your photos and collages using the custom fonts.

It’s a conversation starter!


Import your chibi’s to Cutify Me!

If you already have Chibi Me or Paris Chic app, use the transparent background pack to export your favorite chibi.

Then you can go to Cutify Me app and import your chibi in your own Cutify Me project or photos as a sticker!

You can replace your face or just show off your chibi which looks just like you!

You can also crop, erase and apply a mask to any part of a sticker or photo on your project.

This gives you the possibility to make photo collages. Use your own photos as stickers.

Create your school schedule or your to-do list decorate them with your chibis..

Put one photo on top of another photo as a texture, change its opacity.

Add unlimited filters and textures on each photo or sticker separately.

Change color (hue), brightness, contrast, opacity.

Say what you want to say using lovely speech bubbles.

Just use your imagination.

Possibilities are endless!







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