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Cute Dress Up Game for iPhone

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Things you love make you who you are.


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Paris Chic is a cute little paper doll with a pretty wardrobe.

Make your friends a paris chic doll and share it on instagram.

Change her hair style and face emotions. Dress her up with the cutest outfits from her wardrobe. Wear different accessories and shoes everyday.Take this cute little doll with you where ever you go, let her travel with you, always in your pocket =^-^=


Tons of inspiration

You want to be a girly game designer? Or just new to drawing?

Paris Chic gathered together all the inspirational cuteness for you. Use the randomizer to get funny different combinations that you wouldn’t think they would fit together.

Hours of fun for girls who love retro paper dolls. There is enough inspiration for all ages.


Oh, so cute!

Paris Chic is drawn in a simple style which makes her look like a paper doll.

She is so cute with all the pastel colors and thin hand drawn lines.

Her wardrobe is an eye candy!

Relax after a school day, playing with this little doll. She will warm your heart up with her lovely dresses ^^


Paris Chic

Things you love make you who you are.

You love café au lait. You love shiny bokeh lights.

You love little version of every animal.

You love bicycles, you love shopping…

You love to play hand drawn paper doll dress up games on your mobile phone.

You are a Paris Chic.


There are so many combinations you can make with this one little character. Defiantly a girly game. It makes you imagine. There are cute clothes and outfits . The whole game itself is cute. I spend like 3 hours a day making new and cute combinations. This app is absolutely adorable !!

Paris Chics

Got this for my little sister but I love it as well!


I think this app is definitely adorable and cute! It helps girls explore the creativity of fashion.


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