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a cute way to introduce your little one with music production


Your child as a DJ

Pixelophone is a super cute way to introduce your children with music and sound production without scaring them away with notes!

Turn on and off different sound loops to make your own music.

The animating objects and characters during sounds’ “ON state” will help your little one discover the first steps of music production. Just like a DJ!

Lovely animations  & soft sounds ❤

Enriched with lovely animations and pastel colors, this app is so cute, it will remind you of your childhood..

The tunes and instruments used are very soft and gentle to the ears.

Free play with 12 notes from the lightest tones of a tubular xylophone-like instrument.

Merry Go Round (Carousel) looping with a square bass sound for the background of your music.

Petite flowers with marimba tunes, bunny and cat characters. Plus rain clouds making luminous sound effects.


It’s cute and soothing to hear~~~~

Cake the Human

The music makes me so……happy…!!!!!


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