Chibi Me Dress Up

The cutest avatar creator and dress up game for iPad

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The cutest avatar creator and dress up game for iPad!



Create your friends in anime style

Chibi Me Dress Up with Cute Friends is an avatar creator and a dress up game in one! You can create beautiful and cute looking anime characters. Change their looks and dress them up with the cutest dresses, accessories and even give them a pet. Use the randomizer and laugh out loud. So many possibilities are waiting for you.


Share the fun ❤

Cosplay with your friends.

Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest. Or just save it on your phone and use it as a background. Assign it to your contacts. Use it as an avatar on the internet websites. Decorate your photos with chibis. Possibilities are endless. Let people see what you made.

It’s a conversation starter!

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Chibi Me & Chibi You

Get all the EXTENSION PACKs to create even more unique characters. Packs cost less then a pack of candy. Only these are sweeter than a candy and they won’t make you fat! =^.^=

Transparent pack allows you to export all your chibis as transparent background stickers. This means you can save them on your phone and import them on your other photo decoration apps and let chibis come to your world!

You can also dress up the same as your chibi and show your friends how much you look like your own chibi.

Awesome idea, isn’t it?




This app is really cute! It’s a great app to play if you want Anime dress up.

Barris Offee

This game Chibi re owe is a exciting app!!! Dress up our character in many accessories which includes dresses, jackets,chair, and such more. This app is amazing for your son or daughter to dress up his or her character


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